To update iphoneoff contract even though says imessage waiting for activation can still imessage friend australia and the usa. Im trying get activated and has been stuck for several days now with waiting for activation or. Blog This post currently about the ios beta but may apply future versions ios 5. Im trying get activated and has been stuck for several days now with waiting for activation activation failed. Theres bug its new ios operating system for iphone and ipad that stops imessage sending text messages. Sep 2015 users who have updated ios has encountered imessage activation error. Have tried another read learn how fix the imessage waiting for activation ios 9. Make sure that your device has the latest version ios. Are you getting imessage waiting for activation error ios 11.Like millions people just did with ios and stops working. Are you getting imessage waiting for activation error ios iphone you are not alone have run into this issue its common problem and can fixed trying out these tried and tested solutions. Posted sep 2013 1245 pm. Facetime activates but imessage will. Even though our guide will help you learn how activate imessage when imessage not working from our. How activate imessage. Suggest check the time zone set properly the knowledge base article you get error when trying activate facetime imessage. Check youre set send and receive imessages going settings messages and checking that imessage turned on. How fix imessage messages. Tired imessage waiting for activation error ios ios 8. Imessage apple service start from ios till todays ios ios ios ios. And use imessage windows 7810 along with ios. Check out all our tips help you fix messages and imessage problems. What you waiting for come and activate your ios firmware. Some good and some pure voodoo. Follow this simple guide solve waiting for imessage activation error ios and ios iphone ipad ipod touch few easy steps. The solution for this situations least buy some prepaid charge for the phone number. Since ios ive not been able activate my. Find step step guide for using imessage for windows android. This more current Imessage ios ios7 iphone. Imessage one the best message application for apple users. Imessage great feature but comes with its own set issues. Activate iphone without sim card how mydigitalland mobileland. Im starting get irritated. When setting new phone simply switching phone numbers carrier you may encounter imessage and facetime activation issues. Imessage service given the apple it. If you are facing the common issue imessage and facetime waiting for activation error. These fixes apply ios and lower imessage waiting for activation sometimes you might receive notification saying imessage waiting for activation ios 10. For facetime and imessage activation with icloud the best method successfully activate turn off and back again.. Any ideas comments share how fix facetime activation error your iphoneipad techooligan how fix facetime imessage activation error ios 9. The method really simple and can fix imessage and face. Id like activate imessage and facetime and have point her email address like the ipad

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Im starting get irritated and went apple. It says waiting for activation and imessage wont turn also wont let press phone imessage and facetime waiting for activation iphone 5. Trouble free but now that weve fixed your imessage and facetime errors you can about addressing battery life issues with ios and resolving any speed problems. At the same time check settings messages. Ios imessage and facetime. Imessage stuck waiting for activation. Problem that the ios 8. Be added this manage tab. If when you get this page you see message suggesting that imessage waiting for activation activation unsuccessful. Myra this blog post will introduce tips solve siri not working problems iphone 66s7 running ios